Watch Your Dogs

Did you know that the death toll from dog attacks in the USA is greater than from cobra bites in India? Maybe it's because Americans often keep dogs that is overprotective of their owners and will kill anything that is unrecognised.

One case, for example. A baby was killed after being bit by two Rottweilers. The dogs are known to be extremely vicious to strangers, and likes to stay on the roof watching for strangers. The owner was gone for a regular holiday and left the two dogs at home without being lashed or tied. The baby was being sunned on his backyard when suddenly the dogs leap and bite the baby.

Some dogs are known to chase their prey until they can kill them. They are usually categorised as hunting dogs. Some are more vicious than others, such as the Rottweiler.

You should watch your dogs from biting other people. tell them it's not good, and give them some punishment, like patting the butt a little hard, or hitting it with a newspaper. But don't be too harsh on your pet. You should teach the pet slowly and patiently.


about: PETS

Feeling like having a pet?

If you want to have a pet, consider some of the following.

RECOGNIZE YOUR PET CANDIDATE. You must know what kind of animal you want to keep as a pet. Find as many information as you can on the pet. For example, if you want to keep a Pomeranian dog, find info on Pomeranians, how to keep it, and how to take care of it. You must also know its general behaviour.

CHECK IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT. It's not just about the cost of buying the pet, it also contains the maintenance money and all sorts of its needs. Buy a low-maintenance pet if necessary.

BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN PET. This is the main foundation for keeping animals: RESPONSIBILITY. Miss one need, and the pet will get stressed. If you are to leave the house for a long time, make sure you can get someone to take care of your pet, or put it in a good pet kennel.

GET TIPS FROM OTHER OWNERS. If you have a friend who owns a pet that is a same kind as yours, ask them about how to care for your pets. This will ensure you will get more experience in pet caring.


More on Stingrays

We all know that Steve Irwin, our beloved conservationist, was killed by a stingray. But do you know abut stingrays?

Stingrays are related to manta rays, skates, and sharks. They are somewhat common in seas near Australia, and some other areas of the world.There are some aquariums that keep stingrays, and people are permitted to feed the stingrays. A wildlife reserve near Antigua is named "Stingray City", and people can snorkel freely in the shallows. They said that the stingrays here are friendly.

Stingrays have barbs on their tails. They seldom use it, because if they see a danger, they usually swim away. But, if people step on or swim too close to stingrays, the barb will be whipped up. Usually, people are stung on the foot.


In Memory of ...

one of the best wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin. The person we all know from the "Crocodile Hunter" show, died because the sting of a short-tailed stingray. He was 44 when he died.
He started out helping his family managing the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, by feeding animals and doing maintenance when he was very young. At the age of 6, he got a scrub phyton. Handling crocodiles at the age of nine, he got famous when he started the "Crocodile Hunter" show with his wife, Terri. Animal Planet then took him and the show. He was fearless and cares for animals, especially crocodiles. His famous phrase is "crikey",which he always said when he saw crocodiles, snakes, and all sorts of magnificent animal. He managed the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park itself, then renaming it in 1992 with the name "Australia Zoo".
His honeymoon with Terri was unique. They do crocodile trapping while on their honeymoon! That became the first Crocodile Hunter episode. He then done many projects, including a Crocodile Hunter movie. He shot many documenters by himself, while having a happy family with a son and a daughter.
He died after being stung at the heart by a stingray. The event was caught on camera. His friends at Croc One, Steve's boat, tried to help Steve with CPR. But, it can't be helped. Steve was announced dead.
His fans and animal lovers around the world mourned for him. That includes me, of course. I always loved to watch his show. We're gonna miss you, Steve.
Animal Planet will rename the garden space in front of Discovery Network's world HQ to the "Steve Irwin Memorial Sensory Garden". They will also make a charity fund named "The Crikey Fund", which will allow people to donate for wildlife conservations and education in the honor of Steve.

Image from Wikipedia


All Organic Farm

Up to now, many farmers use pesticides to keep away pests from their crops, and use chemical fertilizer for plants. But now, researchers found out that pesticides can harm all creatures in a food chain, and even make the pest itself immune to the thing used to eliminate them! But even that can’t stop farmers to use pesticides.
Good thing, though, that some farmers stopped to use pesticides and other chemicals. Now, they get Mother Nature to lend a hand. This is called biological control. To eliminate rats that eat rice plants, some farmers in Indonesia use the harmless field snakes. They eat rats, but it doesn’t have poisonous fangs. Many people also used ladybugs to eat aphids. It cost a little bit more than pesticides, but it’s safer for nature. We can even make pesticides and fertilizers out of plants! Commonly, people in Indonesia use cow manure for their plants, or fertilizers made of decomposed leaves. So, NO PESTICIDES PLEASE! If you eat too much of them, you’ll get sick. REAL sick. And maybe, if you saw the movie “Locusts”, mutant insects can eat you! Spooky…


Hi Again, Guys!

Hi again! Me and BayuPa's been on a hiatus for a while. The first weeks of school always make us get tired very quickly, and we usually have to go home at the late afternoons. My back is aching because I have to bring nine kilograms of books and utensils everyday. And the sport! It makes me dehydrate real fast. But it should be done to reach the best achievement, right, guys?

My friends are on this status too. Except for Vicky, a friend of mine who recently moved to Australia, somewhere near Perth. He hasn't got a school yet. He's been e-mailing with me for quite some time.

Anyways, keep reading my blog. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your adventure! Have fun!!


Fighting Fish

This is one of my fighting fish. It has a perfect black colour. You don't need an aquarium to keep them as pets. Just put them in an unused plastic jar.

A few days ago I received a gift from my older cousin. It's a whole bunch of fighting fishes! They have beautiful tailfins. I then kept them as pets.

By the way, if you don't know what is a fighting fish, I will describe it.

A fighting fish is a kind of freshwater fish. It has a very beautiful tailfin. Their colours are pretty nice too. But male fighting fishes are aggressive towards other males. They fight if they meet with each other. When fighting, their spread out their tailfins, just like roosters. The loser can die, or suffering from a damaged tailfin. In Indonesia, fighting fishes are often kept as pets. They are easy to take care of. But, it is not safe to put two or more males in a same place. They will fight. Placing one male and a female in one place is OK, though. You will only have to feed them with frozen earthworms. In Indonesia, there is also many people who pit a male with another male. They place bets on their fish. Some competitions are also held to find the most beautiful fighting fish.


Terrors of The Sea

Danger comes almost anywhere without warning. But by knowing them better, we can avoid them. The seas is also full of dangers, mostly because of currents and animals. We are goin to discuss about the animal dangers.

Sharks are renowned as the terror of the sea. Some sharks are aggressive, and they are the ones most likely to attack human. But some of them doesn't even attack human. The whale shark, for exmple. Altough it has a big body, it only eat planktons and microscopic shrimps. Sharks have senses and bodies suited for hunting. It can find the source of blood, and it can know if your heart is beating! When in a rage, it can unleash an enormous amount of power, making it unstoppable.

Only killer whales attack humans. They often mistake divers as seals, because of their black diving suit. They are very powerful, and if you are spotted, there is no escape.

Ancient people believed in the legend of kraken. We know that there is nothing such as it, but the giant squid really resembles one. It has never been reported to attack humans, however.

Giant squid picture from Wikipedia


Animal Architects

The "cathedral" mound, named for its shape, resembling a cathedral church. There are many kinds of termite mound. Many of them is found in Africa.

Animals have to get enough sleep, just like humans do. Some animals don't require shelter. Others just simply sleep in a cave, or up on the trees. But some animals build homes.

Beavers make a lodge on the river. They made it from branches, twigs, and mud. They use the lodge as a shelter, and sometimes a food storage. The lodge is specially made to prevent other animals entering. However, some muskrats have been seen living with the beavers in the lodge.

Termites build homes too. It could be small, or very large either! Their homes are called termite mounds. They made it from digested tree bark. The mounds are specially made so the insides are cool, because there is a ventilation system. The termites can also breed fungus in the mound.

Ants make holes in the ground. They make a cavern, in which the ant colony lives. The cavern is much like a human city. There are living quarters, food storage, queen room, and the larvae nursery. Worker ants always make new tunnels and rooms. They have many jobs. They forage and store food, digs tunnels, and takes care of the ant queen and also the ant larvae.

Image from Wikipedia


Peculiar Sights in The Amazon

The Amazon river and forest is home to many animals. Many of them is quite strange. Do you expect a dolphin living in the river? You got many of them waiting in the Amazon river. There's some of them in Indonesia too, and it's endangered. Dunno how they got there.

They have a good selection of snakes too. The anaconda, tree viper, and other dangerous snakes call Amazon their home. Other strange animals end up there too, such as the capybara, peccary, etc.

The Amazons is a dangerous place. Poisonous animals, such as snakes and poison arrow frog live there. Piranhas threaten you underwater. Dangerous terrain, unwelcoming tribes, and so on. But the Amazons is a wonderful gift from God nonetheless. Full of wildlife, this great forest and river is a good place to explore.


One of the largest fishes in the world is the pirarucu, living in the Amazon river. For more information on this specimen, go to BayuPA's blog: http://rarestzoo.blogspot.com


Dogs: A Man's Best Friend

A Shiba Inu, a breed of domestic dog, whose appearance resembles a fox
Image from Wikipedia

There is a saying, "A dog is a man's best friend". In my opinion, the guy who made this saying got a point. Here is why.

Dogs are believed to originate from wolves and foxes. Humans have tamed dogs since the era of modern humans, approximately 10.000 years ago! They keep them as pets, and as partners too. Since then, dogs have been put into many use. The royal families from many countries use dogs to track and chase animals when they are hunting. Dogs are also used to herd cattle. Now, dogs are mainly kept as pets. But blind people use dogs as guides. Guide dogs will bark if the owner is near something dangerous. The police use dogs to track down traces of criminals. This is because dogs have a good sense of smell.

If treated and trained properly, dogs can be loyal to their master. There have been many reports of dogs saving the master from wild animals, sometimes at the cost of their lives.

Dogs have been breeded by humans. These breedings makes dogs come in many shapes and size.


Animal Attraction

Animals mate to reproduce. But it is a really hard job to mate. The male must try as hard as it can to attract female. Sometimes, the female also have something that draws males in.

When a female elephant is ready to mate, it will make two kinds of call. One is loud, so we can hear it. The other one is infrasonic, so we cannot hear it. The calls can reach miles away, and when male elephants hear the call, they will come to the source. The males will fight for the female, often resulting in fatal injuries. And in the end, the winner takes all. Many animals also fight for females, such as beetles, deer, gazelles, and narwhals.

Others attract in special manners. Birds of paradise do a mating dance to attract females. Bowbirds decorate their nests to draw a female in. Then it does a mating dance to ensure the elegance of the male. Peacocks(a male peafowl, the female is called peahen) have beautiful tailfeathers, that really attract other peahens.

But sometimes, females do the attracting. Male crested gibbons are attracted to a female who has a big, red, (sorry) butt!


There is one kind of peafowl, which is white. It is called the white peafowl, as its colour suggests. It is frequently mistaken for an albino peafowl, but it is a colour mutant of a peafowl.

Image from Wikipedia

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King Cheetah

The King Cheetah is a rare mutation of cheetah characterized by a different pelt pattern.It was first noted in 1926 in Zimbabwe. Since 1927 King Cheetah were reported 5 more times in the wild. A live king cheetah was not photographed until 1974 in South Africa's Kruger National Park.It appeared larger than the spotted cheetah and have different pattern.By 1987, 38 specimens had been recorded, many from pelts.This cheetah has been reported in Zimbabwe, Botswana and in northern part of South Africa's Transvaal province.

Images from BayuPA

Red Panda

The red panda. Isn't it cute?
Image from Wikipedia

The red panda (Ailurus fulgens) is an animal which is not closely related to the giant panda bear. It is also called Firefox, Wah, or Cat Bear. They are mainly herbivorous, eating bamboos like the giant panda. It has a raccoon like appearance at the first glance. It doesn't need much calorie, so it does more than just eating and sleeping, unlike the giant panda.

These animals were classified in the raccoon family, as their appearances suggest, but now scientists are deciding whether it will be placed in the bear family, or having a new family called Ailuridae. They are poached for their skin. The skin is then maked into a hat. Altough not endangered, it is considered vulnerable, and if poaching continues, they can be another addition to the extinct animal list.


  • The red panda is also called Wah because its call.
  • There are two subspecies of red panda, A. fulgens fulgens and A. fulgens styani.


Quagga: Ancestor of the Zebras

The quagga (Equus quagga quagga)is a subspecies of the plains zebra. They have strange pattern on their body. From the head up to halfway its body, it has stripes like a common zebra, but the other half is brown, just like a horse. Because they are poached for their value of skin, they are now extinct.

But now, scientist will try to do crossbreeding, to make another quagga specimen. This is called breeding back. They made a project to breed back the quaggas, and the project is called the "Quagga Project".

More information on quaggas is in BayuPA's blog, http://rarestzoo.blogspot.com/ .


The Stealthy Delivery Guys

Do you ever thought of having a ninja as a fast food delivery guy? Now it has come true! The Ninja Burger, secretly delivering fast food around the world, and they guarantee that the food will be delivered 30 minutes or less, or they will commit Seppuku(some kind of formal suicide)!

Don't worry, it's just a joke. But some guys actually made a website called Ninja Burger. They even made a commercial! I got the commercial video on YouTube.

For more information on those sneaky fast food delivery people, visit www.ninjaburger.com


The Wonder of Cross-breeding

A liger
Image from Wikipedia

For many years, plants have been cross-breeded so humans can get benefits from them or fix weaknesses from a certain species by cross-breeding it with another species that can repair the weaknesses. But what will happen if you cross-breed animals?

It has happened in real world. Really. But still limited, of course. Some animals have been crossbreeded, making weird results. When a male lion mates with a tigress, their cubs is the liger. If a male tiger mates with a lioness, there comes the tigon. There are other hybrids(offspring from a crossbreeding), such as the Leopon(male leopard plus lioness), a Jaglion (male jaguar pluis lioness), a Liguar(male lion plus female jaguar), etc.

Imagine if you crossbreed a male human with a tiger, by transplating human sperm into tiger eggcell. Maybe we can make a talking tiger, or a human with retractable claws and double retinas? Nah, that's too much. How about a grizzly bear with a lion? Now that's cool!

Tigers: The Big Cats

Tigers belong to the genus panthera, and they are one of the large cats in the genus. They have approximately nine subspecies, and all of them is believed to evolve from the South Chinese tiger. In this picture is the Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatran), one of the most endangered subspecies of tigers. Only found in the island of Sumatra, there are only 400 or 500 of them in national parks and in the wild. The bengal tiger is one of the famous tigers in the world, residing in India and Bangladesh.
People hunt tigers for their skin or other body parts. The skin is usually used for clothing or other ornamental purposes, and the other body parts are used in traditional medicines. Because of them, some tigers have become extinct, such as the Balinese tiger (Panthera tigris balica), the Javanese tiger (Panthera tigris sondaica), and the Caspian tiger (Panthera tigris virgata).
Tigers have tremendous power that humans can't overcome (except with guns, if the human shot the tiger before he gets serious mauling). Its jaws can easily rip off flesh, and its claws is strong enough to mess up a springbed easily.


Soccer Bloopers

Hi guys! Found this video on YouTube. Poedhz got one of them too.

I'll take a rest from posting animals for a while. By the way, this video is about a real shameful miss from David Forlan.


Animal Facts

Some animals have an interesting behaviour or shape that sometimes make us laugh or sit silently in amazement. Here's some of them.

  • A tarsier's eye is actually bigger than its brain.
  • Lobsters and shrimps come in many colours, including blue, red, and white. The white ones are albino shrimp, which doesn't turn red when cooked
  • A rhinoceros' horn is actually made up of its hair. The hair gathered in one place and hardened.
  • Cats have double retinas, so they can reflect the faintest of light at night. This makes you see that their eyes glow at night. They also have retractable claws, only letting them out when needed.
  • A raging shark has more testosterone than a charging elephant. Testosterones are male hormones that functions similiarly to adrenaline.
  • A kick from an ostrich is strong enough to rip off a lion's belly.
  • A grizzly bear's claw slash can pluck off an eye of a human.
  • A giant squid has a large eye, as big as a watermelon.
Images from Wikipedia



Tapirs are an animal with a medium size, and shapes like an ancestor of the elephant, Platybelodon. Their snouts are a little long and flexible, making it having a function similiar to an elephant's trunk. They live in South and Central America and Asia. The tapir commonly found in Asia is the Malayan Tapir, and the ones in South and Central America are the Baird's Tapir, Brazillian tapir, and mountain tapir. Malayan tapirs have black and white skin, while the others are usually black.
A Malayan tapir

Tapirs are usually shy, avoiding confrontations with predators and humans. There are some reports on tapir attacking humans, though its numbers remain few. A tapir's jaw is strong enough to make zookeepers get a severed hand.

Deforestation are slowly lowering the numbers of this animal. Tapirs are now considered endangered species.
A Baird's tapir
Images from Wikipedia


Quill Cannon, Launch!

A hedgehog

Some animals protect themselves with painful quills. Porcupines, hedgehogs, and echidnas use quills to fend off predators. A porcupine will rustle its quills to intimidate the enemy. If it doesn't scare the enemy, it will launch its quills as a last resort. And then, YEOWWWW! The predator leaves, whining in pain and trying to remove the quill.

Hedgehogs have somewhat shorter quills. Thus, they defend themselves by rolling into a ball of quill. The quills will pierce the legs of anyone touching it. YOUCH!!
An echidna
Other animals use some kind of quill. Hatpin urchins have sharp quill-like thorns that will be really painful when touched. Seabirds, however, can pluck the thorns or drop the urchin to eat the insides.
Images from Wikipedia


Bats : The Fiends of the Dark Night

Bats are the only flying mammals. Flying squirrel don't really fly, they only glide with the skin between the front and hind legs. Bats have muscles and bones similiar to birds, but they fly with a layer of skin on their wings. Bats eat many things, differing from their species and habitats. Some bats eat fruit, some eat fish. Some of them eat nectar, just like butterflies. But, there is a kind of bat, that drink blood from cattle. The bat was named the vampire bat. This made humans created stories associating bats as evil character, such as vampires, Count Dracula, etc.(with the exception for Batman)But don't be afraid, because there is no evidence that vampire bats drink human blood.

Bats are nocturnals. They come out at night, and hide in caves or trees at daytime. They cling in trees in an upside-down posture. But when the bats give birth or (sorry)poo, they go in a normal posture, not upside-down, while clinging with the claws on their wings. When they give birth, they hold the newborn bat with their wings.


The Art of Concealment

Like I said in the previous post, some animals seems to be weak, and poorly not having a powerful way to defend themselves. However, they do. One of them is by blending with their surroundings, concealing themselves to the vision of predators. Chameleons have an ability called mimesis or mimicry. With this, they can change their skin colours at their pleasure, whether for hiding from predators and prey, or to confuse foes. Some animals have body shapes similiar to leaves or twigs. Some grasshoppers have a body similiar to twigs or leaves, making them hard to see. Colours and shapes really help animals in camouflaging. A moth's wings have similiar colours to tree bark, making them blend with the tree, a place in which they usually perch. They also have an eye-like pattern on their wings, that can scare off birds.

image from www.pete-online.us


Animal Self-Defence

Animals live in a harsh world. Preying on other animals or being preyed by others is a common thing. So, they have adapted to these conditions, and they are now able to protect themselves. Some of them have horns. Bulls, buffalos, rhinoceroses, and other animals use their horns combined with technique. Adult musx oxen make a circle around the young oxen, so wolves won't be able to attack. Powerful jaws are also a weapon of choice for some animals, especially predators, such as the crocodiles. A stag beetle (Lucanus cervus, etc.) has oversized jaws that looks like a stag's antler.
Some animals play dead, emit a REALLY smelly odor, or do both in combination. When it senses danger, a ladybug will play dead and extract a liquid that smells real BAD. Possums also play dead when preyed.
That's only a few of how animals defend their lives. There are many more ways. Claws, quills, and even frightening poses and colours. There may be an animal that seemingly doesn't have any forms of defence, but somehow they are able to survive, whether by doing some sort of teamwork with other animals or by other ways.

image from www.junglewalk.com


Caucasus Beetle

The largest beetle in Asia, the caucasus beetle can reach a length of 13,5 cm. It is aggressive and loves to fight. It lives in the mountains of Sumatra, so it is very sensitive to heat.

Latin name: Chalcosoma caucausus
Home :Sumatra, Indonesia
Length :13,5 cm
Image from www.insectaculture.com


Komodo Dragons: The Thousand Years Enigma

The komodo dragon is the largest living lizard today. It is similiar to monitor lizards, only larger. Scientists believe that they have lived on earth for many million years, from the dinosaur ages until today. The same thing applies to the crocodiles. Komodo dragons only live in Komodo Island, Indonesia (with exceptions for zoos etc.). They have been isolated here by sea currents (similiar to Conan Doyle's Lost World). In the island, humans have been coexisting with the komodo dragons for years, with no people hunting the komodo dragons, and the komodo dragons seldom attack humans. Once, however, a Dutchman is killed by komodo dragons. This happened when the Netherlands invaded Indonesia in search for spices.

These vicious lizards pack enormous power. They are strong enough to kill a water buffalo, an animal that's larger than the lizards! Their saliva also contain germs, bringing a long and painful death for those who escaped an instant death from their jaws. Sadly, sometimes komodo dragons act like cannibals. If they're hungry, they can eat their own young.


The Way of the Beetle Warrior

The rhinoceros beetle and the stag-beetle have different ways of fighting. The rhinoceros beetle boasts a powerful horn. They fight by locking horns with the foe. The stag-beetle have pincers instead of horns. The pincers are actually mandibles. They pinch their enemies with these pincers. Their finishing moves are also different. When the rhinoceros beetles lock horns, one of them will push its enemy away, or throw it by flipping. The stag-beetle sometimes squeezes the enemy, but most of the time, it throws the enemy or turn it so the enemy lies on the backside. But what will happen if the rhinoceros beetle and the stag-beetle actually gets to fight each other? They will use their best techniques to throw their enemy away. The rhinoceros beetle will try to slam the stag beetle when they lock horns and pincers. The stag-beetle will try to turn the rhinoceros beetle upside-down, making it helpless. Thus, we can't know who's the winner by just knowing their battling moves! The stronger ones always win. The loser, well, let's just say they are not strong enough t beat the winner.

Images from Wikipedia

The Strongest of All: a rhinoceros beetle!

This creature may be small, but it packs the greatest power in the animal kingdom. Well, at least proportionally, they do. Having more muscles than a human being, this beetle can lift up to 850 times their own weight! Imagine YOU having THIS power, you would be able to lift up a tank, all 65 tonnes of it! This beetle has many relatives around the world, including the Neptune beetle, Hercules beetle, and the stag-beetles. They are different to the stag-beetle, because stag-beetles has deer-like horns, not a rhinoceros-like ones! They are popular as pets around Asia. They are also used in gambling fights against other rhinoceros beetles. People make special kind of log with a female inside, making the beetles fight for the female. The one that is knocked off the log loses. Beetles are almost helpless when they are lying on the backside. This is because they have difficulties in flipping their own bodies back in place.
Image from :home.infostations.com/ngeorge/papua_new_guinea


The King Of Beasts

Lions are savage eaters. They eat almost everything out of their prey. Even the things that the lion's preys are digesting! (I apologize for those who are still eating, but that's the real deal, man) But lions really keeps a healthy diet, aside from the fact that you always see them eat meat(which is unhealthy). Remember me saying lions eat anything from its prey? They eat herbivores, which eats plants. And they digest plants, that contains nutrients. Lions eat them also, in a fair share with their meat diet. If they got a stomach-ache because of a short of plant nutrients, guess what? They eat grass! But they seldom do it in the reality, because they got plenty of food 24/7, every year!


Giant Panda

The giant panda is a kind of bear from China. Seriously, it is not related to the red panda(which is a kind of a bearcat or something). This guy's one of the most prized(and expensive)animal a zoo can have. It was also an animal used for diplomatic needs, as a gift for another country (for example, China has gave Taiwan two pandas, hoping Taiwan can reunite with China). But they also have a hard time on the wild. Mating and reproducing is very hard. They also eat bamboo, which only spreads seeds every decades or so, and then die. Some of the pandas die of starvation because there is very little bamboo left after they eat it all. Bamboo forests are also cut down by people, leaving the pandas with nothing to eat. Very little pandas are born in captivity. The babies only weighs 140 grams and only as big as a penny! Pandas are excellent mothers, giving their children an exlusive care and playing with them all the time.

Orang-utan: The Endangered Red Apes

Orang-utans are a member of the primate family. Its name means "man of the woods". They are not as big as the gorilla, only having a maximum height of 150 cm. They live in the forests in Sumatera and Borneo islands of Indonesia. They live in groups, just like most primates do. It has long arms, that made it possible for the orang-utans to swing from tree-to-tree. They don't spend much time on land. They are also gentle and mild-mannered animals.
They only have one enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy is the human race. People cut down forests where they live. Forest fires destroys the woods and they perish within the burning rainforests. People also kill mother orang-utans and take their babies, so they can make money by selling them to zoos or rich people. But many babies die because the poachers don't know how to take care of them. Orang-utan's population are slowly rising, but still in a critical number. If more are hunted, orang-utan pictures may be the last evidence of their existence... T_T...


The Long Gone Bali Tiger

This is a sad story about an extinct animal. The bali tiger, a subspecies of tiger, was it's name. Panthera tigris balica was it's Latin name. It cannot make a large population because of the small size of Bali. The females have a long gestation period, 103 days. And then, because of incontrollable hunting, it is believed to be extinct today..... T_T

Neptune Beetle

The Neptune Beetle is the largest beetle along with Hercules Beetle. Although it's strong, it doesn't like fighting. Because it lives in mountain areas, it doesn't like heat.

Length :153 mm/15,3 cm/6 inches
Home : Colombia
Latin name : Dynastes neptunus

This picture is a display in the Stones n' Bones Museum.

New : Beetle Facts!

Hi guys! I've decided to add somehing new to my blog. It's about beetles. You might already know this, but beetles are one unique group of insects. They got the things and skills for a great way of self-defence. Large fangs, horns, speedy moves, they have it all. I'll still continue posting about other animals, but maybe I'll focus on these beetles first. Thanks to Mushiking for providing great beetle cards!


The Largest of Rodents

Hi, do you know about capybaras? They are the largest rodent in the world, having the size of 40-55 inches and weighing 105-135 kg! They live in a large part of South America, mostly in Brazil. People eat capybara meat(the ones that eat them is the Amazon tribe). I'm sorry for the bad image though. They can stay underwater for some minutes, and by exposing their nose to air, they can sleep underwater!

The Mischievous Meerkats

Know a meerkat? If you don't know a meerkat, you certainly don't know Timon from Lion King. He's a meerkat! It's similiar to a prairie dog, if you've already seen one, but it's thinner. It lives in the Kalahari Desert, in the southern parts of Africa. They make tunnels for their home, and also makes colonies. They also got a good sense of teamwork. Altough they're small, they can beat up snakes and scorpions! They also eat scorpions. Their most dangerous enemies is the eagle. But meerkats are good on scouting. They can stand on two feet, and look for dangers. They also organize the scout parties to several guard posts. It's really cute to see them stand in groups!

Look at this photo here! They are on lookout for dangers around them. They have someting similiar to a work shift. It works like this. One meerkat starts to go to his post. He looks around for sometime. When his time is over, he takes turn with the other meerkat, so he can hunt for food, and the other meerkat looks for danger.

A group of meerkats is called a 'mob'.

The Big Intro

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