The King Of Beasts

Lions are savage eaters. They eat almost everything out of their prey. Even the things that the lion's preys are digesting! (I apologize for those who are still eating, but that's the real deal, man) But lions really keeps a healthy diet, aside from the fact that you always see them eat meat(which is unhealthy). Remember me saying lions eat anything from its prey? They eat herbivores, which eats plants. And they digest plants, that contains nutrients. Lions eat them also, in a fair share with their meat diet. If they got a stomach-ache because of a short of plant nutrients, guess what? They eat grass! But they seldom do it in the reality, because they got plenty of food 24/7, every year!


Giant Panda

The giant panda is a kind of bear from China. Seriously, it is not related to the red panda(which is a kind of a bearcat or something). This guy's one of the most prized(and expensive)animal a zoo can have. It was also an animal used for diplomatic needs, as a gift for another country (for example, China has gave Taiwan two pandas, hoping Taiwan can reunite with China). But they also have a hard time on the wild. Mating and reproducing is very hard. They also eat bamboo, which only spreads seeds every decades or so, and then die. Some of the pandas die of starvation because there is very little bamboo left after they eat it all. Bamboo forests are also cut down by people, leaving the pandas with nothing to eat. Very little pandas are born in captivity. The babies only weighs 140 grams and only as big as a penny! Pandas are excellent mothers, giving their children an exlusive care and playing with them all the time.

Orang-utan: The Endangered Red Apes

Orang-utans are a member of the primate family. Its name means "man of the woods". They are not as big as the gorilla, only having a maximum height of 150 cm. They live in the forests in Sumatera and Borneo islands of Indonesia. They live in groups, just like most primates do. It has long arms, that made it possible for the orang-utans to swing from tree-to-tree. They don't spend much time on land. They are also gentle and mild-mannered animals.
They only have one enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy is the human race. People cut down forests where they live. Forest fires destroys the woods and they perish within the burning rainforests. People also kill mother orang-utans and take their babies, so they can make money by selling them to zoos or rich people. But many babies die because the poachers don't know how to take care of them. Orang-utan's population are slowly rising, but still in a critical number. If more are hunted, orang-utan pictures may be the last evidence of their existence... T_T...


The Long Gone Bali Tiger

This is a sad story about an extinct animal. The bali tiger, a subspecies of tiger, was it's name. Panthera tigris balica was it's Latin name. It cannot make a large population because of the small size of Bali. The females have a long gestation period, 103 days. And then, because of incontrollable hunting, it is believed to be extinct today..... T_T

Neptune Beetle

The Neptune Beetle is the largest beetle along with Hercules Beetle. Although it's strong, it doesn't like fighting. Because it lives in mountain areas, it doesn't like heat.

Length :153 mm/15,3 cm/6 inches
Home : Colombia
Latin name : Dynastes neptunus

This picture is a display in the Stones n' Bones Museum.

New : Beetle Facts!

Hi guys! I've decided to add somehing new to my blog. It's about beetles. You might already know this, but beetles are one unique group of insects. They got the things and skills for a great way of self-defence. Large fangs, horns, speedy moves, they have it all. I'll still continue posting about other animals, but maybe I'll focus on these beetles first. Thanks to Mushiking for providing great beetle cards!


The Largest of Rodents

Hi, do you know about capybaras? They are the largest rodent in the world, having the size of 40-55 inches and weighing 105-135 kg! They live in a large part of South America, mostly in Brazil. People eat capybara meat(the ones that eat them is the Amazon tribe). I'm sorry for the bad image though. They can stay underwater for some minutes, and by exposing their nose to air, they can sleep underwater!

The Mischievous Meerkats

Know a meerkat? If you don't know a meerkat, you certainly don't know Timon from Lion King. He's a meerkat! It's similiar to a prairie dog, if you've already seen one, but it's thinner. It lives in the Kalahari Desert, in the southern parts of Africa. They make tunnels for their home, and also makes colonies. They also got a good sense of teamwork. Altough they're small, they can beat up snakes and scorpions! They also eat scorpions. Their most dangerous enemies is the eagle. But meerkats are good on scouting. They can stand on two feet, and look for dangers. They also organize the scout parties to several guard posts. It's really cute to see them stand in groups!

Look at this photo here! They are on lookout for dangers around them. They have someting similiar to a work shift. It works like this. One meerkat starts to go to his post. He looks around for sometime. When his time is over, he takes turn with the other meerkat, so he can hunt for food, and the other meerkat looks for danger.

A group of meerkats is called a 'mob'.

The Big Intro

Hello, my name is Agung, from Indonesia. Thanks for reading my blog! This blog is an info about animals around the world, common, rare, or extinct. If you want to give infos, give it to agung_sainsworld@yahoo.com . Mail me about animals OK? This is also my Yahoo! Messenger and MSN Messenger address. We can chat sometimes! Thanks again!