Giant Panda

The giant panda is a kind of bear from China. Seriously, it is not related to the red panda(which is a kind of a bearcat or something). This guy's one of the most prized(and expensive)animal a zoo can have. It was also an animal used for diplomatic needs, as a gift for another country (for example, China has gave Taiwan two pandas, hoping Taiwan can reunite with China). But they also have a hard time on the wild. Mating and reproducing is very hard. They also eat bamboo, which only spreads seeds every decades or so, and then die. Some of the pandas die of starvation because there is very little bamboo left after they eat it all. Bamboo forests are also cut down by people, leaving the pandas with nothing to eat. Very little pandas are born in captivity. The babies only weighs 140 grams and only as big as a penny! Pandas are excellent mothers, giving their children an exlusive care and playing with them all the time.