Orang-utan: The Endangered Red Apes

Orang-utans are a member of the primate family. Its name means "man of the woods". They are not as big as the gorilla, only having a maximum height of 150 cm. They live in the forests in Sumatera and Borneo islands of Indonesia. They live in groups, just like most primates do. It has long arms, that made it possible for the orang-utans to swing from tree-to-tree. They don't spend much time on land. They are also gentle and mild-mannered animals.
They only have one enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy is the human race. People cut down forests where they live. Forest fires destroys the woods and they perish within the burning rainforests. People also kill mother orang-utans and take their babies, so they can make money by selling them to zoos or rich people. But many babies die because the poachers don't know how to take care of them. Orang-utan's population are slowly rising, but still in a critical number. If more are hunted, orang-utan pictures may be the last evidence of their existence... T_T...