The Art of Concealment

Like I said in the previous post, some animals seems to be weak, and poorly not having a powerful way to defend themselves. However, they do. One of them is by blending with their surroundings, concealing themselves to the vision of predators. Chameleons have an ability called mimesis or mimicry. With this, they can change their skin colours at their pleasure, whether for hiding from predators and prey, or to confuse foes. Some animals have body shapes similiar to leaves or twigs. Some grasshoppers have a body similiar to twigs or leaves, making them hard to see. Colours and shapes really help animals in camouflaging. A moth's wings have similiar colours to tree bark, making them blend with the tree, a place in which they usually perch. They also have an eye-like pattern on their wings, that can scare off birds.

image from www.pete-online.us