Bats : The Fiends of the Dark Night

Bats are the only flying mammals. Flying squirrel don't really fly, they only glide with the skin between the front and hind legs. Bats have muscles and bones similiar to birds, but they fly with a layer of skin on their wings. Bats eat many things, differing from their species and habitats. Some bats eat fruit, some eat fish. Some of them eat nectar, just like butterflies. But, there is a kind of bat, that drink blood from cattle. The bat was named the vampire bat. This made humans created stories associating bats as evil character, such as vampires, Count Dracula, etc.(with the exception for Batman)But don't be afraid, because there is no evidence that vampire bats drink human blood.

Bats are nocturnals. They come out at night, and hide in caves or trees at daytime. They cling in trees in an upside-down posture. But when the bats give birth or (sorry)poo, they go in a normal posture, not upside-down, while clinging with the claws on their wings. When they give birth, they hold the newborn bat with their wings.