Komodo Dragons: The Thousand Years Enigma

The komodo dragon is the largest living lizard today. It is similiar to monitor lizards, only larger. Scientists believe that they have lived on earth for many million years, from the dinosaur ages until today. The same thing applies to the crocodiles. Komodo dragons only live in Komodo Island, Indonesia (with exceptions for zoos etc.). They have been isolated here by sea currents (similiar to Conan Doyle's Lost World). In the island, humans have been coexisting with the komodo dragons for years, with no people hunting the komodo dragons, and the komodo dragons seldom attack humans. Once, however, a Dutchman is killed by komodo dragons. This happened when the Netherlands invaded Indonesia in search for spices.

These vicious lizards pack enormous power. They are strong enough to kill a water buffalo, an animal that's larger than the lizards! Their saliva also contain germs, bringing a long and painful death for those who escaped an instant death from their jaws. Sadly, sometimes komodo dragons act like cannibals. If they're hungry, they can eat their own young.