The Strongest of All: a rhinoceros beetle!

This creature may be small, but it packs the greatest power in the animal kingdom. Well, at least proportionally, they do. Having more muscles than a human being, this beetle can lift up to 850 times their own weight! Imagine YOU having THIS power, you would be able to lift up a tank, all 65 tonnes of it! This beetle has many relatives around the world, including the Neptune beetle, Hercules beetle, and the stag-beetles. They are different to the stag-beetle, because stag-beetles has deer-like horns, not a rhinoceros-like ones! They are popular as pets around Asia. They are also used in gambling fights against other rhinoceros beetles. People make special kind of log with a female inside, making the beetles fight for the female. The one that is knocked off the log loses. Beetles are almost helpless when they are lying on the backside. This is because they have difficulties in flipping their own bodies back in place.
Image from :home.infostations.com/ngeorge/papua_new_guinea