Tapirs are an animal with a medium size, and shapes like an ancestor of the elephant, Platybelodon. Their snouts are a little long and flexible, making it having a function similiar to an elephant's trunk. They live in South and Central America and Asia. The tapir commonly found in Asia is the Malayan Tapir, and the ones in South and Central America are the Baird's Tapir, Brazillian tapir, and mountain tapir. Malayan tapirs have black and white skin, while the others are usually black.
A Malayan tapir

Tapirs are usually shy, avoiding confrontations with predators and humans. There are some reports on tapir attacking humans, though its numbers remain few. A tapir's jaw is strong enough to make zookeepers get a severed hand.

Deforestation are slowly lowering the numbers of this animal. Tapirs are now considered endangered species.
A Baird's tapir
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