The Way of the Beetle Warrior

The rhinoceros beetle and the stag-beetle have different ways of fighting. The rhinoceros beetle boasts a powerful horn. They fight by locking horns with the foe. The stag-beetle have pincers instead of horns. The pincers are actually mandibles. They pinch their enemies with these pincers. Their finishing moves are also different. When the rhinoceros beetles lock horns, one of them will push its enemy away, or throw it by flipping. The stag-beetle sometimes squeezes the enemy, but most of the time, it throws the enemy or turn it so the enemy lies on the backside. But what will happen if the rhinoceros beetle and the stag-beetle actually gets to fight each other? They will use their best techniques to throw their enemy away. The rhinoceros beetle will try to slam the stag beetle when they lock horns and pincers. The stag-beetle will try to turn the rhinoceros beetle upside-down, making it helpless. Thus, we can't know who's the winner by just knowing their battling moves! The stronger ones always win. The loser, well, let's just say they are not strong enough t beat the winner.

Images from Wikipedia