The Wonder of Cross-breeding

A liger
Image from Wikipedia

For many years, plants have been cross-breeded so humans can get benefits from them or fix weaknesses from a certain species by cross-breeding it with another species that can repair the weaknesses. But what will happen if you cross-breed animals?

It has happened in real world. Really. But still limited, of course. Some animals have been crossbreeded, making weird results. When a male lion mates with a tigress, their cubs is the liger. If a male tiger mates with a lioness, there comes the tigon. There are other hybrids(offspring from a crossbreeding), such as the Leopon(male leopard plus lioness), a Jaglion (male jaguar pluis lioness), a Liguar(male lion plus female jaguar), etc.

Imagine if you crossbreed a male human with a tiger, by transplating human sperm into tiger eggcell. Maybe we can make a talking tiger, or a human with retractable claws and double retinas? Nah, that's too much. How about a grizzly bear with a lion? Now that's cool!