Fighting Fish

This is one of my fighting fish. It has a perfect black colour. You don't need an aquarium to keep them as pets. Just put them in an unused plastic jar.

A few days ago I received a gift from my older cousin. It's a whole bunch of fighting fishes! They have beautiful tailfins. I then kept them as pets.

By the way, if you don't know what is a fighting fish, I will describe it.

A fighting fish is a kind of freshwater fish. It has a very beautiful tailfin. Their colours are pretty nice too. But male fighting fishes are aggressive towards other males. They fight if they meet with each other. When fighting, their spread out their tailfins, just like roosters. The loser can die, or suffering from a damaged tailfin. In Indonesia, fighting fishes are often kept as pets. They are easy to take care of. But, it is not safe to put two or more males in a same place. They will fight. Placing one male and a female in one place is OK, though. You will only have to feed them with frozen earthworms. In Indonesia, there is also many people who pit a male with another male. They place bets on their fish. Some competitions are also held to find the most beautiful fighting fish.


Terrors of The Sea

Danger comes almost anywhere without warning. But by knowing them better, we can avoid them. The seas is also full of dangers, mostly because of currents and animals. We are goin to discuss about the animal dangers.

Sharks are renowned as the terror of the sea. Some sharks are aggressive, and they are the ones most likely to attack human. But some of them doesn't even attack human. The whale shark, for exmple. Altough it has a big body, it only eat planktons and microscopic shrimps. Sharks have senses and bodies suited for hunting. It can find the source of blood, and it can know if your heart is beating! When in a rage, it can unleash an enormous amount of power, making it unstoppable.

Only killer whales attack humans. They often mistake divers as seals, because of their black diving suit. They are very powerful, and if you are spotted, there is no escape.

Ancient people believed in the legend of kraken. We know that there is nothing such as it, but the giant squid really resembles one. It has never been reported to attack humans, however.

Giant squid picture from Wikipedia


Animal Architects

The "cathedral" mound, named for its shape, resembling a cathedral church. There are many kinds of termite mound. Many of them is found in Africa.

Animals have to get enough sleep, just like humans do. Some animals don't require shelter. Others just simply sleep in a cave, or up on the trees. But some animals build homes.

Beavers make a lodge on the river. They made it from branches, twigs, and mud. They use the lodge as a shelter, and sometimes a food storage. The lodge is specially made to prevent other animals entering. However, some muskrats have been seen living with the beavers in the lodge.

Termites build homes too. It could be small, or very large either! Their homes are called termite mounds. They made it from digested tree bark. The mounds are specially made so the insides are cool, because there is a ventilation system. The termites can also breed fungus in the mound.

Ants make holes in the ground. They make a cavern, in which the ant colony lives. The cavern is much like a human city. There are living quarters, food storage, queen room, and the larvae nursery. Worker ants always make new tunnels and rooms. They have many jobs. They forage and store food, digs tunnels, and takes care of the ant queen and also the ant larvae.

Image from Wikipedia


Peculiar Sights in The Amazon

The Amazon river and forest is home to many animals. Many of them is quite strange. Do you expect a dolphin living in the river? You got many of them waiting in the Amazon river. There's some of them in Indonesia too, and it's endangered. Dunno how they got there.

They have a good selection of snakes too. The anaconda, tree viper, and other dangerous snakes call Amazon their home. Other strange animals end up there too, such as the capybara, peccary, etc.

The Amazons is a dangerous place. Poisonous animals, such as snakes and poison arrow frog live there. Piranhas threaten you underwater. Dangerous terrain, unwelcoming tribes, and so on. But the Amazons is a wonderful gift from God nonetheless. Full of wildlife, this great forest and river is a good place to explore.


One of the largest fishes in the world is the pirarucu, living in the Amazon river. For more information on this specimen, go to BayuPA's blog: http://rarestzoo.blogspot.com


Dogs: A Man's Best Friend

A Shiba Inu, a breed of domestic dog, whose appearance resembles a fox
Image from Wikipedia

There is a saying, "A dog is a man's best friend". In my opinion, the guy who made this saying got a point. Here is why.

Dogs are believed to originate from wolves and foxes. Humans have tamed dogs since the era of modern humans, approximately 10.000 years ago! They keep them as pets, and as partners too. Since then, dogs have been put into many use. The royal families from many countries use dogs to track and chase animals when they are hunting. Dogs are also used to herd cattle. Now, dogs are mainly kept as pets. But blind people use dogs as guides. Guide dogs will bark if the owner is near something dangerous. The police use dogs to track down traces of criminals. This is because dogs have a good sense of smell.

If treated and trained properly, dogs can be loyal to their master. There have been many reports of dogs saving the master from wild animals, sometimes at the cost of their lives.

Dogs have been breeded by humans. These breedings makes dogs come in many shapes and size.


Animal Attraction

Animals mate to reproduce. But it is a really hard job to mate. The male must try as hard as it can to attract female. Sometimes, the female also have something that draws males in.

When a female elephant is ready to mate, it will make two kinds of call. One is loud, so we can hear it. The other one is infrasonic, so we cannot hear it. The calls can reach miles away, and when male elephants hear the call, they will come to the source. The males will fight for the female, often resulting in fatal injuries. And in the end, the winner takes all. Many animals also fight for females, such as beetles, deer, gazelles, and narwhals.

Others attract in special manners. Birds of paradise do a mating dance to attract females. Bowbirds decorate their nests to draw a female in. Then it does a mating dance to ensure the elegance of the male. Peacocks(a male peafowl, the female is called peahen) have beautiful tailfeathers, that really attract other peahens.

But sometimes, females do the attracting. Male crested gibbons are attracted to a female who has a big, red, (sorry) butt!


There is one kind of peafowl, which is white. It is called the white peafowl, as its colour suggests. It is frequently mistaken for an albino peafowl, but it is a colour mutant of a peafowl.

Image from Wikipedia

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King Cheetah

The King Cheetah is a rare mutation of cheetah characterized by a different pelt pattern.It was first noted in 1926 in Zimbabwe. Since 1927 King Cheetah were reported 5 more times in the wild. A live king cheetah was not photographed until 1974 in South Africa's Kruger National Park.It appeared larger than the spotted cheetah and have different pattern.By 1987, 38 specimens had been recorded, many from pelts.This cheetah has been reported in Zimbabwe, Botswana and in northern part of South Africa's Transvaal province.

Images from BayuPA

Red Panda

The red panda. Isn't it cute?
Image from Wikipedia

The red panda (Ailurus fulgens) is an animal which is not closely related to the giant panda bear. It is also called Firefox, Wah, or Cat Bear. They are mainly herbivorous, eating bamboos like the giant panda. It has a raccoon like appearance at the first glance. It doesn't need much calorie, so it does more than just eating and sleeping, unlike the giant panda.

These animals were classified in the raccoon family, as their appearances suggest, but now scientists are deciding whether it will be placed in the bear family, or having a new family called Ailuridae. They are poached for their skin. The skin is then maked into a hat. Altough not endangered, it is considered vulnerable, and if poaching continues, they can be another addition to the extinct animal list.


  • The red panda is also called Wah because its call.
  • There are two subspecies of red panda, A. fulgens fulgens and A. fulgens styani.