Animal Architects

The "cathedral" mound, named for its shape, resembling a cathedral church. There are many kinds of termite mound. Many of them is found in Africa.

Animals have to get enough sleep, just like humans do. Some animals don't require shelter. Others just simply sleep in a cave, or up on the trees. But some animals build homes.

Beavers make a lodge on the river. They made it from branches, twigs, and mud. They use the lodge as a shelter, and sometimes a food storage. The lodge is specially made to prevent other animals entering. However, some muskrats have been seen living with the beavers in the lodge.

Termites build homes too. It could be small, or very large either! Their homes are called termite mounds. They made it from digested tree bark. The mounds are specially made so the insides are cool, because there is a ventilation system. The termites can also breed fungus in the mound.

Ants make holes in the ground. They make a cavern, in which the ant colony lives. The cavern is much like a human city. There are living quarters, food storage, queen room, and the larvae nursery. Worker ants always make new tunnels and rooms. They have many jobs. They forage and store food, digs tunnels, and takes care of the ant queen and also the ant larvae.

Image from Wikipedia