Animal Attraction

Animals mate to reproduce. But it is a really hard job to mate. The male must try as hard as it can to attract female. Sometimes, the female also have something that draws males in.

When a female elephant is ready to mate, it will make two kinds of call. One is loud, so we can hear it. The other one is infrasonic, so we cannot hear it. The calls can reach miles away, and when male elephants hear the call, they will come to the source. The males will fight for the female, often resulting in fatal injuries. And in the end, the winner takes all. Many animals also fight for females, such as beetles, deer, gazelles, and narwhals.

Others attract in special manners. Birds of paradise do a mating dance to attract females. Bowbirds decorate their nests to draw a female in. Then it does a mating dance to ensure the elegance of the male. Peacocks(a male peafowl, the female is called peahen) have beautiful tailfeathers, that really attract other peahens.

But sometimes, females do the attracting. Male crested gibbons are attracted to a female who has a big, red, (sorry) butt!


There is one kind of peafowl, which is white. It is called the white peafowl, as its colour suggests. It is frequently mistaken for an albino peafowl, but it is a colour mutant of a peafowl.

Image from Wikipedia