Fighting Fish

This is one of my fighting fish. It has a perfect black colour. You don't need an aquarium to keep them as pets. Just put them in an unused plastic jar.

A few days ago I received a gift from my older cousin. It's a whole bunch of fighting fishes! They have beautiful tailfins. I then kept them as pets.

By the way, if you don't know what is a fighting fish, I will describe it.

A fighting fish is a kind of freshwater fish. It has a very beautiful tailfin. Their colours are pretty nice too. But male fighting fishes are aggressive towards other males. They fight if they meet with each other. When fighting, their spread out their tailfins, just like roosters. The loser can die, or suffering from a damaged tailfin. In Indonesia, fighting fishes are often kept as pets. They are easy to take care of. But, it is not safe to put two or more males in a same place. They will fight. Placing one male and a female in one place is OK, though. You will only have to feed them with frozen earthworms. In Indonesia, there is also many people who pit a male with another male. They place bets on their fish. Some competitions are also held to find the most beautiful fighting fish.