Peculiar Sights in The Amazon

The Amazon river and forest is home to many animals. Many of them is quite strange. Do you expect a dolphin living in the river? You got many of them waiting in the Amazon river. There's some of them in Indonesia too, and it's endangered. Dunno how they got there.

They have a good selection of snakes too. The anaconda, tree viper, and other dangerous snakes call Amazon their home. Other strange animals end up there too, such as the capybara, peccary, etc.

The Amazons is a dangerous place. Poisonous animals, such as snakes and poison arrow frog live there. Piranhas threaten you underwater. Dangerous terrain, unwelcoming tribes, and so on. But the Amazons is a wonderful gift from God nonetheless. Full of wildlife, this great forest and river is a good place to explore.


One of the largest fishes in the world is the pirarucu, living in the Amazon river. For more information on this specimen, go to BayuPA's blog: http://rarestzoo.blogspot.com