Red Panda

The red panda. Isn't it cute?
Image from Wikipedia

The red panda (Ailurus fulgens) is an animal which is not closely related to the giant panda bear. It is also called Firefox, Wah, or Cat Bear. They are mainly herbivorous, eating bamboos like the giant panda. It has a raccoon like appearance at the first glance. It doesn't need much calorie, so it does more than just eating and sleeping, unlike the giant panda.

These animals were classified in the raccoon family, as their appearances suggest, but now scientists are deciding whether it will be placed in the bear family, or having a new family called Ailuridae. They are poached for their skin. The skin is then maked into a hat. Altough not endangered, it is considered vulnerable, and if poaching continues, they can be another addition to the extinct animal list.


  • The red panda is also called Wah because its call.
  • There are two subspecies of red panda, A. fulgens fulgens and A. fulgens styani.