Terrors of The Sea

Danger comes almost anywhere without warning. But by knowing them better, we can avoid them. The seas is also full of dangers, mostly because of currents and animals. We are goin to discuss about the animal dangers.

Sharks are renowned as the terror of the sea. Some sharks are aggressive, and they are the ones most likely to attack human. But some of them doesn't even attack human. The whale shark, for exmple. Altough it has a big body, it only eat planktons and microscopic shrimps. Sharks have senses and bodies suited for hunting. It can find the source of blood, and it can know if your heart is beating! When in a rage, it can unleash an enormous amount of power, making it unstoppable.

Only killer whales attack humans. They often mistake divers as seals, because of their black diving suit. They are very powerful, and if you are spotted, there is no escape.

Ancient people believed in the legend of kraken. We know that there is nothing such as it, but the giant squid really resembles one. It has never been reported to attack humans, however.

Giant squid picture from Wikipedia