All Organic Farm

Up to now, many farmers use pesticides to keep away pests from their crops, and use chemical fertilizer for plants. But now, researchers found out that pesticides can harm all creatures in a food chain, and even make the pest itself immune to the thing used to eliminate them! But even that can’t stop farmers to use pesticides.
Good thing, though, that some farmers stopped to use pesticides and other chemicals. Now, they get Mother Nature to lend a hand. This is called biological control. To eliminate rats that eat rice plants, some farmers in Indonesia use the harmless field snakes. They eat rats, but it doesn’t have poisonous fangs. Many people also used ladybugs to eat aphids. It cost a little bit more than pesticides, but it’s safer for nature. We can even make pesticides and fertilizers out of plants! Commonly, people in Indonesia use cow manure for their plants, or fertilizers made of decomposed leaves. So, NO PESTICIDES PLEASE! If you eat too much of them, you’ll get sick. REAL sick. And maybe, if you saw the movie “Locusts”, mutant insects can eat you! Spooky…


Hi Again, Guys!

Hi again! Me and BayuPa's been on a hiatus for a while. The first weeks of school always make us get tired very quickly, and we usually have to go home at the late afternoons. My back is aching because I have to bring nine kilograms of books and utensils everyday. And the sport! It makes me dehydrate real fast. But it should be done to reach the best achievement, right, guys?

My friends are on this status too. Except for Vicky, a friend of mine who recently moved to Australia, somewhere near Perth. He hasn't got a school yet. He's been e-mailing with me for quite some time.

Anyways, keep reading my blog. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your adventure! Have fun!!