In Memory of ...

one of the best wildlife conservationist, Steve Irwin. The person we all know from the "Crocodile Hunter" show, died because the sting of a short-tailed stingray. He was 44 when he died.
He started out helping his family managing the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park, by feeding animals and doing maintenance when he was very young. At the age of 6, he got a scrub phyton. Handling crocodiles at the age of nine, he got famous when he started the "Crocodile Hunter" show with his wife, Terri. Animal Planet then took him and the show. He was fearless and cares for animals, especially crocodiles. His famous phrase is "crikey",which he always said when he saw crocodiles, snakes, and all sorts of magnificent animal. He managed the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park itself, then renaming it in 1992 with the name "Australia Zoo".
His honeymoon with Terri was unique. They do crocodile trapping while on their honeymoon! That became the first Crocodile Hunter episode. He then done many projects, including a Crocodile Hunter movie. He shot many documenters by himself, while having a happy family with a son and a daughter.
He died after being stung at the heart by a stingray. The event was caught on camera. His friends at Croc One, Steve's boat, tried to help Steve with CPR. But, it can't be helped. Steve was announced dead.
His fans and animal lovers around the world mourned for him. That includes me, of course. I always loved to watch his show. We're gonna miss you, Steve.
Animal Planet will rename the garden space in front of Discovery Network's world HQ to the "Steve Irwin Memorial Sensory Garden". They will also make a charity fund named "The Crikey Fund", which will allow people to donate for wildlife conservations and education in the honor of Steve.

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