More on Stingrays

We all know that Steve Irwin, our beloved conservationist, was killed by a stingray. But do you know abut stingrays?

Stingrays are related to manta rays, skates, and sharks. They are somewhat common in seas near Australia, and some other areas of the world.There are some aquariums that keep stingrays, and people are permitted to feed the stingrays. A wildlife reserve near Antigua is named "Stingray City", and people can snorkel freely in the shallows. They said that the stingrays here are friendly.

Stingrays have barbs on their tails. They seldom use it, because if they see a danger, they usually swim away. But, if people step on or swim too close to stingrays, the barb will be whipped up. Usually, people are stung on the foot.