Sorry for the hiatus

Hi guys. Sorry for the ULTRA LONG hiatus, but i'm getting real hooked up to school lately, with those things they call "MARCH MADNESS" and all.

Still, I'm going to post as soon as I can. Here's the newest info I got. It may won't be new to you, but I hope this helps.

1. A tiger ALWAYS attacks its prey from behind. Logically, it's easier to strike from behind, but we can't surely tell how they developed such a unique behavior.
2. Some monkeys can get an access to some liquor, making them drunk. When monkeys are drunk, they become more vicious and dangerous than you can ever imagine. So, if you are going to dispose any liquor, please dispose it far from any kinds of wildlife. It can make them sick.
3. One ant can get killed instantly, but a pack of soldier ants is almost indestructible to some animals. They can kill a squirrel together, and even larger animals.
4. The bolas spiders spins a blob of sticky net. The spider then swings the sticky net to catch insects. It uses the blob of net like a swinging mace or any mauling weapon.

Hope that I can post more later.