I MADE IT !!!!

I MADE IT PEOPLE! I made it to the 8th grade! WOOOOHOOOO! *cough* *cough* Sorry.

So yeah, I made it to the 8th grade, and I'm going to start posting again from now. I made a few changes to the blog too. I now call it: LIFE ON GAIA. Gaia means earth, you know. From now, I won't be posting about animals only, but also about the environment, its problems, and also its cure.

Also in this post, I would like to say thanks to Linkin Park for including pics on our crippling planet -- which is because of us too -- on their newest video clip, "What I've Done". We can see how much destruction we have caused on Earth. The lyrics are quite touching too. So, thanks again Linkin Park!

Again, I would also thank you guys for reading. Please send your support to my shoutbox. Happy reading!