Pesticide? No way man!

We've seen and heard many cases of poisoning from pesticides. We won't die so quickly, but believe me -- it shortens your lifespan. Muhammad Ali, the famous boxer, was reported to have the Parkinson's disease not only because of shocks from boxing, but pesticides from the farms near his training gym as well. Too much pesticides also builds immunity to certain insects, and finally they can mutate to withstand a certain dose of pesticides.

Biological pest control was also considered a useful solution, but unfortunately some countries like Indonesia have not maximized its possibilities and uses. But in Indonesia, fully organic farms are increasing in numbers. It doesn't use pesticides, and sometimes it uses pesticides out of organic materials--much safer and nature-friendly.

Recently, a man from Indonesia entered a contest for presenting useful ideas. The contest was hosted by Lifebuoy, a famous soap brand in Indonesia. He entered a pesticide product made from Dioscorea hispida (the same genera as the air potato). It's commonly known in Indonesia as gadung. He made it from the bulbs of the plant, which is poisonous. It's designed to kill ants that damages cocoa plantations. He only spread the pesticide near the plants to prevent making the cocoa poisonous. He tested it in the cocoa plantations, and he succeeded. He killed some ants, without any artificial chemistry. This is a giant step, people. Let's try to make more organic pesticides and fertilizers, to reduce the artificial chemistry in our food. All of them comes from the nature, so it's safe for us.