Go Green: Stop Global Warming

Everybody can contribute for the campaign to stop global warming. Let’s join now. Start your campaign from your home. If we can reduce the global warming, we can safe more money and have a better life. Can you do this? Reduce - Reuse - Recycle. You’ve heard it before. It's a beautiful Mantra. Manufacturing products produces an average of 4 to 8 times the weight of carbon dioxide for every weight unit of a manufactured product. If we reduce the usage of products, reuse the products that are still useable, and recycle trash to make our household materials, factories will produce less, and give off less carbon dioxide. It’s very simple.

You can also start the campaign in your group or maybe your club. Take the Bali Classical Motor Bike Club (Himpunan Motor Tua) in Bali for example. They did a great action on October 21, 2007 because they plant mangrove along Badung strait to Benoa and Nusa Dua, Bali. There are other motor clubs such as Harley Davidson Club Indonesia (Bali), Bikers Brotherhood, Bali British Club, Bikers Brotherhood and Rascal Raiders who joined this activity.

A similar action was also done in Jakarta, Indonesia. A group of students from Universitas Indonesia launched a campaign against global warming on November 3, 2007. They gave out brochures about global warming and how to stop it in simple ways, and they also gave houseplants to passersby. In the midst of a rain, they struggled to promote better lifestyle to Jakarta citizens, so all of them can start slowing down the impending danger of global warming. Few days later Angelina Sondakh, former Putri (Miss) Indonesia joins Campaign with Perhutani (State Own Company) in Bunderan Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta.

Their action and your participation will help other people to save our planet from destruction and another disaster in the future.

Let’s Go Green, Go Clean, and Stop Global Warming.