Green Products: Safe the Planet

Most people in the world already aware with the global environment issues. "Stop Global Warming" campaign becomes a very interesting discussion in many communities. Not just the government or other non profit organizations are busy to talk and take action in global warming problems. There are a lot of women, children, students, who are very active to promote "Stop Global Warming" campaigns. They are introducing many kinds of method and example about how to create awareness among their own community.

If you have a chance to visit Jakarta, you can attend the GO GREEN exhibition in Mal Ciputra at Grogol, Jakarta. This program will attract visitor to join a lot of program such as plant 1,500 trees, talk show, make up with green products cosmetic, etc. You can bring your children to join on drawing contest, live music, and they will introduce other green products such as herbal to keep your body healthy and fresh. All of the activities are related to green products and they try to make visitors to pay more attention on environmental issues.

This program starts from February 20 up to February 24, 2008. Gramedia as the largest publisher company and Martha Tilaar as an Indonesian cosmetic company are the major sponsors of this exhibition. I hope that this program will be done by other company and organization. Are you ready to join and support Stop Global Warming campaign? Let's do it now. I know you will.