We're still not conscious

I was walking to an internet cafe (where I'm posting this now) when I saw a sign posted on the ground. It says "Dilarang membuang sampah sembarangan, pelanggar akan dihukum penjara..."(that was written in Indonesian, for non Indonesian speakers, it means 'No littering, violators will be arrested'. As for how long you will be held, I forgot). Next to it is a heap of burnt garbage, with the smell of burnt paper still there. Somehow, I feel an irony here. There's a sign that prohibits people to litter, and next to it people are littering.

Turns out that we're still not conscious about our surroundings. After all the effort the government does to make laws to save nature, people ignored it, and tried to find harder ways to save nature instead. If there's an easy way to conserve our planet (not littering, for example) then why think too far out and dream too high?